The technology behind high-speed internet connectivity is discussed on “Informed” with Rob Lowe

On an upcoming episode of “Informed,” Rob Lowe takes on the internet. The program will discuss the technology behind the connectivity of today’s high-speed internet. In 2017, many Americans take the internet for granted. Nowadays, you can access your favorite website in seconds, from your home, your car, in the city and in the country, but it wasn’t always this way. The production team will talk to computer scientists, IT specialists, computer engineers, and other experts in the field about the advances in internet connectivity in recent years.

Are you old enough to remember how sluggish the internet used to be? Do you recall the days when you had to wait minutes for your internet to connect? Did you ever lose your connection because a loved one picked up the phone and tried to place a call while you were browsing the web? Kids today won’t remember the early days of the internet, but many others do. How did we go from slow, unreliable internet services to the high-speed, click and load capabilities that we have today? The program will answer these questions and more on an upcoming episode of “Informed,” an educational series created in association with Public Television and PBS member stations.