The latest segment from “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, features Social Networking for Businesses.

Social media allows a business to make connections across various platforms easily and quickly. These connections were once not possible but now have become so integral in the business world it’s almost impossible to think of a time when they weren’t used.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow businesses to advertise in one spot and allow others to do the rest of the work by sharing their post. It’s possible to reach millions of people by making one post simply because the network of connections that can be made on these websites is almost endless.

Relationships between businesses and customers are established through ongoing and pre-scheduled Twitter chats where an exchange of ideas can take place. Joining these chats is beneficial for both the business and the consumer as it provides the business a way to hear what their consumers are saying and consumers can know they have a voice in shaping the way a business is run.

Many business professionals use LinkedIn as a way to make contacts with other professionals in similar fields. LinkedIn is also a great way for someone looking for a new job to get their credentials out there for potential employers to see. LinkedIn allows businesses to search for potential candidates all in one space.

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