Special Needs Education is the topic being discussed on the latest segment of “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe.

Famous actor Rob Lowe has taken his talents from the big screen and given them to public broadcasting. His talents have allowed the critically acclaimed education series “Informed” to spread the word on some of the most important subjects in today’s society. One of those subjects, Special Needs Education, is being covered in the newest episode of “Informed”.

People’s memories from school include everything from the great feeling of being outside for recess, all the way to the challenges of passing a crucial exam. Most people are lucky that passing a crucial exam is the least of their worries. For children with special needs, the educational process can be a much more daunting mountain to climb. Those children with special needs require professionals who can navigate the complicated waters of educating someone with a mental handicap. Advancements in psychology and sociology have opened new doors for children with special needs. Our knowledge of special needs has allowed for professionals to be trained on not only how to deal with children of special needs, but also how to provide them with the highest level of education that can get. Without dedicated professionals to guide these special children, most of them would fall through the cracks of the mainstream educational system.

The subject of Special Needs Education will be available to such a wide range of people as it is being distributed to public television as well as PBS Member stations around the world.