Rob Lowe, host of the “Informed” series, is going to be presenting to viewers the art of Wine Tasting. 

The art of wine tasting is an ancient practice that has been performed just as long as humans have been producing wine. Professional wine tasters are referred to as sommeliers, and they use a continuously evolving system of terminology to describe the different aspects of the wine. When describing a wine, a taster is looking for aroma, taste, color, and a multitude of other features. An important aspect of wine tasting is that the tasting is as “blind” as possible. The taster should not know details such as the origin of the wine, the type of wine, or the shape and label of the bottle. Blind tasting can even go as far as serving the wine from a black wine glass to ensure the taster can’t see the color, as this can bias their opinion of the wine. Many studies have been done that have found that the general public cannot discern between an expensive wine and a cheap wine. Perhaps wine tasting should be left to the experts!

“Informed”, with host Rob Lowe, will be exploring wine tasting in this latest episode. Experts will be called in to explain the history of this art and describe to viewers how modern day wine tasting relates to and differs from ancient wine tasting. The “Informed” series is provided to Public Television PBS Member stations.