Rob Lowe, host of the educational series “Informed”, discusses Knee and Joint pain in the series’ latest segment.

Typically, knee and joint pain is something that people associate with advanced age, but in today’s high paced world, there is a much broader spectrum of people who suffer with the pain. “Informed” will interview experts in the field to shed light on the causes and ways to prevent knee and joint pain.

Age still plays a large role in the prevalence of knee and joint pain, often being a result of arthritis, but research has proven that improper form during exercise and overuse are more typically the cause in younger people. Obesity is a growing problem in the United States, which is a large cause of knee and joint pain. Regardless of someone’s age, weight, or level of activity it is safe to say that most people will experience knee and joint pain at some point in their lives.

Due to the fact that “Informed” is distributed to PBS Member Stations via Public Television, a much wider audience can be reached and educated. The series is hosted by Rob Lowe and will be distributed in early 2018.