“Informed”, with Rob Lowe, will be developing an upcoming segment for Breast Cancer Awareness this fall

In an upcoming segment of Informed with Rob Lowe this fall, viewers will watch as we explore Breast Cancer Awareness. This segment will explore the medical effects of breast cancer, what science can tell us, and the importance of early detection.

For many survivors and families of survivors, they have battled the devastating effects of breast cancer. In America, as of 2017, there will be over 200,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer. The aftermath can be insurmountable and quite devastating. As women and men fight for a cure, we take the time every fall, during October, to bring more awareness to the importance of finding a cure to breast cancer.

With the iconic pink ribbon and countless marches, Breast Cancer Awareness has become one of the most recognizable awareness months. While it is undoubtedly well known, it is vital that the conversation continues and the importance of early detection is continuously stressed.