Optometry will be the focus of the newest episode from the “Informed” series, hosted by Rob Lowe.

Most Americans will need the help of an optometrist at some point in their life. Not everyone will need to visit an optometrist, but for those with vision issues they are a vital part of leading a healthy life. These physicians have the ability to prescribe medications for optical problems as well as recommend and perform LASIK surgeries or something as simple as prescribing glasses. The goal of an optometrist is to work with you to determine the severity of the vision issue and find the best solution for you.

Many people avoid seeing an optometrist out of fear, which is unfounded. The first step to correcting impaired vision is to go through a vision test. This test typically takes no more than 15 minutes, unless the physician comes across a larger problem. By the end of the test the optometrist will be able to tell you what level your vision is at and the best solution to provide you with a clearer vision of life.

The field of Optometry is definitely something you’ll want to tune in to learn more about. This episode is presented by the educational series “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, distributed to Public Television Networks PBS Member Stations.

Host of “Informed”, Rob Lowe, introduces viewers to Caving Adventures in the series’ latest episode.

Rob Lowe discusses caving adventures and the increasing number of outdoor enthusiasts that are flocking to caves to get a glimpse into our planet’s past in these historic caverns. Every corner of the United States offers a different cave experience, which is helping them become a popular vacation destination. Enthusiasts in the field such as geologists, adventure seekers, and rock climbers will discuss what about caves draws people in. “Informed” will be taking viewers on a tour of some of the most famous caves in the country as well as speaking with national park guides and historians.

For any viewer with an inclination for adventure, don’t miss out on this episode from “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, distributed to PBS Member Stations and Public Television Networks.

Rob Lowe, host of the educational series “Informed”, discusses Knee and Joint pain in the series’ latest segment.

Typically, knee and joint pain is something that people associate with advanced age, but in today’s high paced world, there is a much broader spectrum of people who suffer with the pain. “Informed” will interview experts in the field to shed light on the causes and ways to prevent knee and joint pain.

Age still plays a large role in the prevalence of knee and joint pain, often being a result of arthritis, but research has proven that improper form during exercise and overuse are more typically the cause in younger people. Obesity is a growing problem in the United States, which is a large cause of knee and joint pain. Regardless of someone’s age, weight, or level of activity it is safe to say that most people will experience knee and joint pain at some point in their lives.

Due to the fact that “Informed” is distributed to PBS Member Stations via Public Television, a much wider audience can be reached and educated. The series is hosted by Rob Lowe and will be distributed in early 2018.

Special Needs Education is the topic being discussed on the latest segment of “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe.

Famous actor Rob Lowe has taken his talents from the big screen and given them to public broadcasting. His talents have allowed the critically acclaimed education series “Informed” to spread the word on some of the most important subjects in today’s society. One of those subjects, Special Needs Education, is being covered in the newest episode of “Informed”.

People’s memories from school include everything from the great feeling of being outside for recess, all the way to the challenges of passing a crucial exam. Most people are lucky that passing a crucial exam is the least of their worries. For children with special needs, the educational process can be a much more daunting mountain to climb. Those children with special needs require professionals who can navigate the complicated waters of educating someone with a mental handicap. Advancements in psychology and sociology have opened new doors for children with special needs. Our knowledge of special needs has allowed for professionals to be trained on not only how to deal with children of special needs, but also how to provide them with the highest level of education that can get. Without dedicated professionals to guide these special children, most of them would fall through the cracks of the mainstream educational system.

The subject of Special Needs Education will be available to such a wide range of people as it is being distributed to public television as well as PBS Member stations around the world.

“Informed”, with Rob Lowe, will be developing an upcoming segment for Breast Cancer Awareness this fall

In an upcoming segment of Informed with Rob Lowe this fall, viewers will watch as we explore Breast Cancer Awareness. This segment will explore the medical effects of breast cancer, what science can tell us, and the importance of early detection.

For many survivors and families of survivors, they have battled the devastating effects of breast cancer. In America, as of 2017, there will be over 200,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer. The aftermath can be insurmountable and quite devastating. As women and men fight for a cure, we take the time every fall, during October, to bring more awareness to the importance of finding a cure to breast cancer.

With the iconic pink ribbon and countless marches, Breast Cancer Awareness has become one of the most recognizable awareness months. While it is undoubtedly well known, it is vital that the conversation continues and the importance of early detection is continuously stressed.

The technology behind high-speed internet connectivity is discussed on “Informed” with Rob Lowe

On an upcoming episode of “Informed,” Rob Lowe takes on the internet. The program will discuss the technology behind the connectivity of today’s high-speed internet. In 2017, many Americans take the internet for granted. Nowadays, you can access your favorite website in seconds, from your home, your car, in the city and in the country, but it wasn’t always this way. The production team will talk to computer scientists, IT specialists, computer engineers, and other experts in the field about the advances in internet connectivity in recent years.

Are you old enough to remember how sluggish the internet used to be? Do you recall the days when you had to wait minutes for your internet to connect? Did you ever lose your connection because a loved one picked up the phone and tried to place a call while you were browsing the web? Kids today won’t remember the early days of the internet, but many others do. How did we go from slow, unreliable internet services to the high-speed, click and load capabilities that we have today? The program will answer these questions and more on an upcoming episode of “Informed,” an educational series created in association with Public Television and PBS member stations.

Green Practices in Landscape Architecture are covered on “Informed” with Rob Lowe

Green Practices in Landscape Architecture are covered on “Informed” with Rob Lowe

Landscaping helps transform spaces. The use of greenery can make any ordinary walkway or yard something special. Well chosen plantings in the right color can add texture, pattern and interest any home or office. This is also true inside as well as outside. Thoughtful flowers and other organic materials can help people feel comfortable as well as more relaxed and even more productive. Making sure that all such greenery is chosen with care in a way that is environmentally friendly is the subject of a new episode of Informed with Rob Lowe. This segment of the PBS show delves deeply into new practices that are helping to revolutionize all areas of landscaping architecture. Officials today have created innovative ideas in recent years. Such advances now allow growers to offer clients greenery that looks wonderful and remains sustainable at the same time.

Making a Greener World

In the latest episode of Informed, Lowe talks with those who are working hard to come up with new solutions to common landscaping problems. They know that growers want to offer more variety and color. They also know that suppliers also want to provide designers with varied materials that are entirely sustainable and do not require the use of harmful pesticide and other chemicals that may harm the environment. Thanks to their investigative efforts, many customers can now count on access to products that are completely green at stage of the production process.

The world of Publishing is discussed on a new “Informed” episode featuring host Rob Lowe

The world of Publishing is discussed on a new “Informed” episode featuring host Rob Lowe

The world-famous television star from the 1980s has decided to delve into the world of public broadcasting. Rob Lowe hosts the popular television series called “Informed” and tries to draw attention to issues that are important to the fabric of modern society. In a recent episode, he discusses the world of publishing and draws back the curtain on an industry that many people think is shrouded in mystery.

Everyone reads books but few people understand the process that is required to take an idea from the pages and bring it to the shelves of a bookstore. It can be challenging to find a publishing company that will even take the time to review someone’s work, much less decide to publish it. Many people rely on an agent to help find a publisher that is willing to invest their time and energy in a project. Even once the book has been published, the promotional efforts can take their toll. People may be asked to travel all over the country doing readings from their book and signing copies just to get people to take an interest in their work. The complicated steps and facets of the publishing industry and discussed further in this episode.

“Informed” with Rob Lowe is a widely acclaimed public television series that is filmed in high-definition. It is reviewed to meet quality standards prior to broadcast to a national audience. The show has been recognized for its exceptional work through multiple awards.