Rob Lowe Hosts an Upcoming Episode of the “Informed” Series on Credit Unions

In the next segment of “Informed” with Rob Lowe, credit unions will be taking center stage. These are perhaps the most under-appreciated financial institutions that are consumer-friendly. The membership growth of credit unions grew by 3.6 percent in 2016 according to the Credit Union National Association estimates. Currently, there are more than 7,000 credit unions in the United States of America. Unlike other financial institutions, credit unions operate on the simple principle of cooperatives. Its members are the major investors hence any profit realized through loan interests are shared among the members.

The profits realized through credit unions are solely used to enhance the financial lives of its members. Most people tend to confuse credit unions with other financial institutions such as banks. Although they offer the same services as banks, there is a clear distinction between the two when it comes to the manner in which credit unions are managed. Some of the loan products offered by these institutions include home equity loans, vehicle loans, credit cards, and mortgages. Some of the credit unions also offer health savings accounts.

The credit unions are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) which is a government-backed agency. For you to become a member of a credit union, you will be required to initiate an initial deposit ranging from $5 to $50 with your preferred credit union. Catch up the next episode of the “Informed” with Rob Lowe for more information on credit unions.

Genome Sequencing and DNA are featured on an upcoming “Informed” with Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe, a famous comic and actor, have dedicated his time and effort to educate people on various things in the society. He has a platform at the “Informed” series which allows him to talk to so many people in the society. In the upcoming episode, he will be talking about Genome Sequencing and DNA.

It is hard to understand the genetics of a person or any living thing. Over the years, scientists have dedicated their time and effort to understand how genes work to direct the development, growth, and maintenance of an organism. However, genes account for a tiny percentage in the genome, and that is why it is essential to understand the entire genome sequence.

Rob Lowe will talk about DNA and Genome sequencing, and so, you will be able to understand the entire genome even those outside the genes. Make sure you join Rob Lowe in this segment to know how various things in the body function.

The “Informed” series is an award-winning program which is always reviewed before being broadcast.

Dark Dining is the subject on the newest segment from “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe. 

The first instance of dark dining occurred in Paris in 1997, and was setup by Michel Reilhac with the name “Le gout du noir”. It wasn’t until 1999 that the first permanent dark dining restaurant was established in Zurich, Switzerland. Dark dining consists of a meal where the patrons are in complete darkness and can’t see anything that they are eating. The idea behind this unique experience is that without the visual component of the meal, other senses will be heightened and increase gastronomic pleasure. Most dark dining restaurants are set up in such a way that there is absolutely no light allowed, even from cell phones or cameras, while others simply blindfold the patrons prior to the beginning of the meal. In many cases restaurants will employ blind or visually impaired servers because they have the skills to function well without sight.

Dark dining is an experience that has gained popularity on a global scale since its start 20 years ago. “Informed”, a series distributed to Public Television PBS Member stations, is hosted by Rob Lowe.

“Informed”, hosted by Hollywood star Rob Lowe, is focussing its attention on Public Transportation in the series’ newest segment

Public transportation is a vital part of what makes a major city thrive and prosper. In an effort to keep small city streets clear of traffic most large cities employ a large system of public transportation to allow commuters to navigate the busy streets. The majority of cities employ a system of underground and above ground train systems in an effort to remove as much congestion from roads as possible. Public transportation, such as high speed trains, is also utilized to connect major cities to one another. One problem that public transportation faces is getting the proper funding to maintain the systems. Many cities have older transportation systems that don’t have the proper funds to keep them maintained properly. The use of a public system of transportation also saves commuters who travel long distances a significant amount of money over time.

This episode from “Informed” will be coming to a Public Television PBS Member station available to you within the coming weeks.

This week’s episode of “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, will discuss the topic of High Rise Building Construction. 

The first high rise buildings were constructed in New York City in the 1880s. A growing population and a dwindling supply of space meant that the cost of real estate was sky rocketing. This lead to the need to build up, rather than out. In the early days of high rise buildings, their primary use was strictly for office space, as most people lived in the suburbs and commuted into the bigger cities. As time passed, however, people began to move to the big cities, thus the purpose of these tall buildings changed from being strictly office space to residents as well. The invention of the elevator is what allowed high rises to turn into skyscrapers. High rises provide ample space when space is at a premium. In recent decades, however, many of the skyscrapers that have been erected have been built in the race to have the tallest building in the world.

This episode from “Informed”, with your host Rob Lowe, is sure to be an informative look into the history and future of high rises. “Informed” is an educational series that is produced and provided for Public Television PBS Member stations.

Rob Lowe, host of the “Informed” series, is going to be presenting to viewers the art of Wine Tasting. 

The art of wine tasting is an ancient practice that has been performed just as long as humans have been producing wine. Professional wine tasters are referred to as sommeliers, and they use a continuously evolving system of terminology to describe the different aspects of the wine. When describing a wine, a taster is looking for aroma, taste, color, and a multitude of other features. An important aspect of wine tasting is that the tasting is as “blind” as possible. The taster should not know details such as the origin of the wine, the type of wine, or the shape and label of the bottle. Blind tasting can even go as far as serving the wine from a black wine glass to ensure the taster can’t see the color, as this can bias their opinion of the wine. Many studies have been done that have found that the general public cannot discern between an expensive wine and a cheap wine. Perhaps wine tasting should be left to the experts!

“Informed”, with host Rob Lowe, will be exploring wine tasting in this latest episode. Experts will be called in to explain the history of this art and describe to viewers how modern day wine tasting relates to and differs from ancient wine tasting. The “Informed” series is provided to Public Television PBS Member stations.

The latest segment from “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, features Social Networking for Businesses.

Social media allows a business to make connections across various platforms easily and quickly. These connections were once not possible but now have become so integral in the business world it’s almost impossible to think of a time when they weren’t used.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow businesses to advertise in one spot and allow others to do the rest of the work by sharing their post. It’s possible to reach millions of people by making one post simply because the network of connections that can be made on these websites is almost endless.

Relationships between businesses and customers are established through ongoing and pre-scheduled Twitter chats where an exchange of ideas can take place. Joining these chats is beneficial for both the business and the consumer as it provides the business a way to hear what their consumers are saying and consumers can know they have a voice in shaping the way a business is run.

Many business professionals use LinkedIn as a way to make contacts with other professionals in similar fields. LinkedIn is also a great way for someone looking for a new job to get their credentials out there for potential employers to see. LinkedIn allows businesses to search for potential candidates all in one space.

Make sure to tune in for this latest informative piece from the educational series, “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe. “Informed” is a series provided to Public Television PBS Member stations.

Mobile Apps for Restaurants is the focus of the latest segment from “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe.

“Informed” will be meeting with experts in the field of mobile app development as well as the restaurant industry to provide viewers with insight into how these apps have affected the success of restaurants.

The increasing number of people using personal devices like smart phones, tablets, and even smart watches means that there is an “app for everything”. The restaurant business is no exception; they have jumped into the world of mobile apps to provide users with discounts and other such incentives to get them into their restaurant over others. Places like McDonalds and Starbucks even use the apps to allow customers to pay in store, or do pre-orders to avoid standing in long lines. In addition to the restaurant specific apps, there are also those like OpenTable and UrbanSpoon that allow users to search for restaurants using a plethora of options so they can find exactly what they want.

“Informed” is always bringing the most relevant and hard-hitting topics to the American viewing public by distributing its episodes to Public Television PBS Member stations. Join host Rob Lowe in this latest episode as he opens the door on mobile apps for restaurants.

“Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, will be using the latest episode to present viewers with a piece on Hair Stylist Education.

Hollywood heavyweight, Rob Lowe, will be hosting this latest episode focusing on the diverse industry of Hair Stylist Education.

The journey a hair stylist takes to gain their education in this field is truly as unique as the business itself. Obtaining an education as a hair stylist provides a person with the ability to allow their creativity to shine. With the proper education and tools, there is no limit to what a hair stylist can provide their clients. The education of a hair stylist extends beyond the reaches of simply learning how to cut hair. A stylist must have the knowledge of the multitude of products used in the industry as well as a personality that allows them to interact well with clients. After all, when a client is sitting in the stylist’s chair, there’s not much else to do but strike up a conversation!

Public Television PBS Member stations will be provided with this latest episode from the “Informed” series, hosted by Rob Lowe.

Rob Lowe, host of “Informed”, will be discussing the topic of Hearing Loss in the newest episode from the educational series.

Rob Lowe will be presenting the subject of hearing loss, which, according to the Hearing Loss Association of America affects about 48 million Americans, or roughly 20% of the population. Those individuals at the age of 65 have proven to have a 1 in 3 chance of developing hearing loss. The highest degree of hearing loss, however, is among educational professionals and workforce employees.

Unfortunately, hearing loss affects children, not just those of advanced age. Hearing loss can be a problem affecting children from the moment their born. Statistics show that two to three children out of every 1,000 born will be afflicted with a notable hearing loss either in one or both ears.

Tinnitus is the most common form of hearing loss and most often affects veterans. Over the course of the last decade the number of people suffering from hearing loss has doubled to a national number of 44%. Tinnitus can be characterized by ringing or buzzing in the ears. Nearly 16 million people a year seek medical treatment for the effects of tinnitus. The most common contributions to hearing loss include genetic predisposition, age, bacterial and/or viral infections, trauma, and even certain medications.

Rob Lowe, host of “Informed”, will be presenting this subject on the latest episode of the series, which is distributed to Public Television PBS Member stations nationwide.