Reversing Diabetes by Tackling Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices

According to recent statistics, over 29 million people in America have been diagnosed with diabetes; and they’re sick of it. See how people are taking charge of their health and reversing diabetes by implementing programs that tackle unhealthy lifestyle choices. This program and more will be featured in the latest “Informed” series with their host, Rob Lowe.

Implementing Marketing Strategies to Save Time & Money

More and more, businesses are implementing marketing strategies that not only save them time and money, but is more efficient on the back end as well. Automated marketing allows companies both old and new to establish themselves in areas that will help them grow their business with little to no effort on their end. More details on this breakthrough technology will be featured in the latest “Informed” segment hosted by Rob Lowe.

Safety, Staffing & Services Involved in Exotic Animal Transport

Exotic animal transport is the topic of the latest “Informed” series created for Public Television. The segment will discuss the safety, staffing, and services involved in international travel that allow people to encounter animals from across the globe. Golden Globe winner, Rob Lowe, hosts the show.