Golf ball dimples examined on Informed with Rob Lowe to air on PBS

Golf ball dimples examined on Informed with Rob Lowe to air on PBS

Back from the West Coast, the production crew for “Informed” will be reviewing footage this week for an upcoming segment documenting updates in the golf ball industry. Specifically; the dimples on golf balls and how they affect the flight path, drag, and aerodynamics. See how specialists are examining laminar flow and turbulent flow in this series hosted by Rob Lowe. It is set to air on PBS member stations early in the Spring.

Synthetic ingredients dissected on Informed with Rob Lowe airing on PBS

Informed synthetic ingredients

When was the last time you looked at the ingredient label on your food? Would you by any chance happen to know what a tocopherol is? Why are we seeing this ingredient more and more on the labels of healthy food items when it sounds… synthetic? These questions and more will be addressed in the latest piece of “Informed” hosted by world-renowned actor, Rob Lowe. This piece will air on PBS Member stations across America in the Winter.

Packing Healthy Lunch Options for Kids

Informed healthy lunch for kids

Do you struggle to come up with healthy lunch options for your kids to take to school, camp or the park? This is addressed on camera in the latest series of “Informed” hosted by world re-known actor, Rob Lowe. The pieces will air on PBS member stations nationwide next year.

Destined to be Married

Back from London, the production crew for “Informed” gathered footage for an upcoming segment featuring the highest ranked destination proposal locations. The piece will be hosted by Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe, and will debut to PTV and PBS Member stations later this month.

Learn About Hydroponic Gardening

Learn about the economic and sustainable advantages to hydroponic gardening in the latest segment of “Informed” hosted by Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe. This piece will feature interviews from farmers, grocers, and customers and will discuss the multitude of benefits that hydroponic gardening brings to our plates and our wallets. The piece will air next month and will be distributed to PBS Member stations nationwide.

“Informed” Series Hosted by Rob Lowe Features Sustainable Fishing


Witnessed this beautiful sunset while filming a new segment supporting the fishing ecosystem in a way that retains its intrinsic integrity and reduces the possible extinction of some species.

Informed is an award-winning program that highlights new stories and innovated concepts through ground breaking short-form and long-form documentary presentation.  The program, which is anchored by a veteran production team with decades of industry experience, is able to effectively communicate the most critical stories to a wide and diverse audience. “Informed” is hosted by the inimitable Rob Lowe. Distributing episodes such as this with PBS Member Stations through Public Television is the number one way “Informed” educates America’s viewing public.

Military & War Museums Throughout the U.S.

Informed, with host Rob Lowe, is in pre-production for a series on military and war museums throughout the U.S.  The series will be featured on PBS member stations throughout the country.  PBS is currently running a series by Ken Burns on the Vietnam War that according to the NY Times will “break your heart and win your mind”.

Private Companies Breaking Into Space Travel

Since the late 50’s when Russia launched the first satellite into orbit, Space Travel has grown by leaps and bounds and is quickly on its way to becoming a commercial industry instead of only for scientific purposes. “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, will be doing the latest segment on space travel, specifically the industry’s shift towards becoming a commercial project with travel for civilians in the near future. This segment will interview the multiple private companies that are developing innovative technology that will allow commercial space travel to the moon and beyond to become a reality much sooner, rather than later. For an in depth look into the future of commercial space travel, be sure to tune into this episode from “Informed”, a series distributed to Public Television PBS Member stations.

Prepared Meals Becoming Increasingly Popular

Prepared Meal Delivery Services are the focus of the latest segment to come from the “Informed” series, hosted by Rob Lowe. Prepared meals are becoming an increasingly popular method of dining, especially among the millennial generation and those individuals that are fitness conscious. Prepared meals allow for people who are short on time or have a strict diet to order exactly what they want and have it delivered to their door, saving on time and aggravation from dealing with grocery shopping. This episode, along with all other “Informed” segments, will be provided to Public Television PBS Member stations.

Transatlantic Cruises with the Most Elegant Accommodations

Transatlantic Cruising seems, to many people today, as a relic of the past, however, it is a thriving aspect of the cruise industry. “Informed”, with your host Rob Lowe, is presenting a unique look into the world of transatlantic cruising in this latest episode from the educational series. Transatlantic cruises are committed to providing passengers with the most elegant service and accommodations. If you are interested in embarking on a transatlantic cruise, be sure to tune into this episode, distributed to Public Television PBS Member stations, before booking!